Preparing For Waves of Transformation

©Jessica Wiehl

It’s that time of year when the leaves are changing and with them—a new season. It brings to mind a quote about metaphorically dying many times before you can truly live. What is it about that quote that makes us feel a sense of possibility? When I embraced the artist in me, and decided on my path towards emotional and mental growth, it all became clear. Parts of my old belief system had to die so that new beliefs could take root. Many things that were holding me back began to fade into the background much like trees losing their withered leaves so that prettier ones can grow.

I was unprepared for some of the challenges I would inevitably face on that road. Many days and nights I found myself on the floor, tears running down my face doubting I would ever make it past this new difficulty level.  If you’ve ever tried to do something that you perceived at the time was beyond your skills, knowledge or power then you know that certain hurdles will come up that you don’t anticipate. For me, it was the sheer amount of degrees of emotion that existed on this particular road. It was much like landing on different locations in a game of Candy Land not knowing if the next step would help or hurt. Oh, look I landed in the Molasses Swamp, I can’t move forward until I draw a red card. But today, I get to meet Princess Lolly after skipping ahead across the Rainbow Bridge! You’ll face a learning curve and A LOT of resistance before you start to see things change. It’s like you’re waking up from a very long nap, your senses stimulated by all of the things you missed going on around you but you’re becoming enlightened.

 With enlightenment comes vision. You begin to feel differently. Perhaps your life doesn’t seem like your life anymore. You wonder how you got HERE. Suddenly the things that once brought you joy and happiness don’t anymore. You want MORE. Maybe you realize your job doesn’t fulfill you, maybe you’ve lost the connection you had with your partner, you look at the world you created and it all feels distant, foreign and unmanageable. You experience a moment of panic and then the dread sets in as you realize something has to change. For you, maybe it’s something simple like a different color palette in your home. Or maybe it’s something a little harder like developing a whole new set of skills to land you a job in a completely different field than the one you’re in or making the decision to start the next chapter of your life alone. Whatever it is, it’s the first step towards transformation.

The thing about transformation is it happens in waves. There are peaks and troughs and it will sometimes take a long time to take the first, second or even third steps. Sometimes you’ll take one step forward and two steps back. To me, the most beautiful time is when you make it to the end of the road and you see just how much you’ve accomplished, which parts of you had to die so other, more enduring parts, could live. If you find yourself questioning the life you’ve created, look at this time as your opportunity to transform into someone you will be proud of in each successive chapter of your life moving forward. You can do anything and make anything happen.

Ride the wave of transformation and enjoy the view at the top!

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