Finding the Courage and Strength to Reclaim Your Life

©Jessica Wiehl

As I sit in front of my computer sipping my first cup of coffee, the first thoughts of the day running through my mind, I think about what it means to be human.


Some people may have grown up in strict households where they learned quickly that making mistakes was unacceptable. They learned to fear making wrong choices and struggled to reach their greatest potential. Others may have grown up knowing real danger, skirting around fights and brutality in surrounding neighborhoods, quietly brushing up against death one too many times. Still others may have felt insecure or afraid, in abusive, alcoholic or mentally unstable households that caused an array of mental disorders to develop later in life.

What drives one person to stand and fight and another to give up? What conditions must be met to submerge one person into darkness and another to constantly pursue the light? We experience so many negative, hopeless, saddening situations every day that seem to beat us further and further into the ground, what conditions CREATE a fighter? We all have a story of a time in our lives when we “almost” gave up. Why didn’t we? Why did people in similar situations stop fighting for a better life?

I believe our humanity, our ability to empathize and feel so much, is one of the factors at the root of both arguments. We have all this power to shape the world and to inspire people to keep fighting. Every time we face a challenge or an impossible situation, we can call on the strength inside of us to push through it, and in doing so, to set an example to those watching us. But what happens when you believe you no longer have power? Little by little the strength you once had to tackle the day gets stripped away and all that’s left is hopelessness. Perhaps you begin to numb the pain with drugs or alcohol, always living for the next high. Perhaps you begin to harm yourself in an attempt to FEEL something. Maybe you immerse yourself in fantasies–games, movies, adventures that take you further away from your life in reality, ignoring the world crumbling around you because it’s too painful to face.

How do you regain your power, your sense of control over what happens and how you feel? How do you stop feeling like you’ve faded into the background, losing so many parts of yourself? It seems like such an overwhelming task to pick up the pieces when there are so many things not fitting together in your life. You may feel as if you don’t even have the energy to make it out of bed.

 I think it starts with kindness. When you open your eyes, you must find a little joy, even if you can’t remember the last time you felt good, or happy or on top of the world. Maybe you have never felt those things, and if you haven’t, I want to send you MY love because you DO deserve to feel loved.

You must believe in the possibility of feeling again, even if it’s short and fleeting. Every morning you must wake up to this little joy and focus so intently on it that after a few days or a week or a month or a year, you visualize it so intensely that you start to manifest it every day. Maybe you start to see yourself with a fresh haircut, a healthy body and mind, loving/amazing friends, passion that you cultivate into a life’s purpose, etc.

In the dark winter, I visualize waking up to the sun pouring rays of sunshine into my room, warming my body with light. On some days I wake up grateful just to be alive, to feel pain, sadness, joy and love. Other days I visualize myself with a broom, sweeping away all of the negativity around me making room for laughter to replace every breath of air that I breathe. Every day it’s different, which zaps away the monotony that our lives can sometimes feel like. Getting out of bed in the morning is an act of courage and of strength to fight another day. Remember that. It is the first step to reclaiming your power and to becoming the fighter that I know us all to be. Have faith in that “little joy” that you visualized to get stronger, as you do, and never stop fighting for it.

If you, or someone you know is in crisis, here is the link to the website to learn about Suicide Prevention or to talk to someone. You are not alone. ❤

NIMH-Suicide Prevention Website

If you found this post helpful, share it with someone you think would enjoy it. Leave me a comment or a positive thought, and as always:

Live Simply, Live Better.


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